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You've been dreaming of living abroad, but want to be in a safe area, need support and consulting services, and don't want to miss comforts like access to road infrastructure, electricity, water, TV, and the Internet. Royal Heights may be just the right place for you!



with views of the town, the Gulf, and the mountainous backcountry. The highest lot, at an elevation of approx. 300 meters, offers the best views.
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The entire project is surrounded by a fence and accessible via a main gate. The surrounding area, characterized by agriculture, provides safety, peace, and quiet.


Build to your specifications

Everything associated with construction - from planning and approval to design can be arranged by our German management team.
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Lots of all sizes

With lots ranging from 400 m² to 12,500 m² in size, there is opportunity for every taste and every budget. We offer both developed and completely undeveloped lots for sale.
We look forward to providing you with detailed information.


Make your dream of living in Costa Rica come true.

  • Owner financing

    50% owner financing

    Financing of 50% directly through the owner is available.

  • Owner financing

    Trial stay

    You are welcome to experience first-hand what living at Royal Heights would be like at this property. Contact us to learn more.

  • Blue Zone Costa Rica

    In the Blue Zone

    Blue Zones are regions in which people have been shown to live longer, healthier, and happier than in the rest of the world. On our planet, there are only five of these zones.

    And our property is located in the middle of one of these zones!

    Within this context, what is remarkable about the Nicoya Peninsula (where our property is located) is the excellent water quality and, particularly, the high concentration of magnesium and calcium found in the water.

Royal Heights Property Map

Properties and Prices

  • 5.854 m²*
  • 7.297 m²
  • 12.554 m²
  • 12.022 m²
  • 8.595 m²
  • 11.768 m²
  • 7.299 m²
  • 9.571 m²
  • 8.324 m²
  • 12.459 m²
  • 6.065 m²
  • 13.187 m²
  • 7.227 m²
  • 6.634 m²
  • 6.502 m²
  • 5.591 m²
  • 7.099 m²
  • starting at 400 m²

Prices starts at 19 USD per m² - Financing available

Home purchase or build to your specifications

We can refer qualified builders and assist with planning, interface with public authorities, and communication. Completed projects are also available for purchase.

European prefab home for sale

The home features 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. The large living area includes a built-in kitchen that the buyer can choose on his/her own. It is already included in the price. The home also has a laundry and a two-car garage with a power garage door opener.

  • furnished

    Key information

    2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 180 m² living space, 5,880 m² lot, price $ 265,000

  • royal_colors

    Owner financing

    Owners may finance up to 50% of the sale price. Terms and conditions depending on agreement.

Renting or buying a Cabaña

In Central America, a Cabaña refers to a small house with a kitchen.

We offer such Cabañas for only USD 60,000, including a 200 m² lot.

We offer three floorplans for Cabañas: one with a second-story bedroom, and two floorplans with the entire living space on one floor. We would also be happy to build your Cabaña to your specifications. The only thing to keep in mind is that Cabañas cannot exceed 30 m/2 by law.

Trial stay

Take advantage of our unique offer and live on our property on a trial basis!

Our three 3 Cabañas are the perfect option to do this. Of course, you are welcome to use the pool and explore the property as you wish. Enjoy the fabulous views, discover the area, and get an idea of all the benefits Royal Heights has to offer.

Building to your specifications

We will be happy to refer qualified builders to help you make your dream home a reality.

We can offer assistance during the planning phase, provide information regarding building codes, and help you communicate with local authorities and service providers.



German-speaking contacts are ready to assist you with their know-how and can help you with any matter.

For example:

markerAssistance with immigration requirements and interface with local authorities.

markerAssistance with bringing cars, household goods, and pets into the country.

markerAssistance with opening bank accounts, referrals of lawyers, architects, and builders.

markerAssistance with planning and preparation of your sightseeing trip.

markerAssistance in construction planning and execution.

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Royal Heights

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